New Dashboard and Usability Settings

We’re happy to announce a few new options on your Account Settings page that make it easier and faster for you to manage your account! To see these options, head over to Accounts >> Account Settings in the top menu bar once you log in – the page would look like the screenshot below. 1. Updating account information: These settings can be used to change the user name, email, password, or the name the invoices will be generated to. 2. Display full year calendar: When this toggle is on (green), the full year navigation calendar is displayed at the bottom of usual “monthly” pricing calendar, and the calendar is hidden when the toggle is off(red). Displaying the full year calendar (screenshot below) can add 3-4 seconds when you review prices for a listing, so we recommend keeping it off to speed things up unless you use it frequently. 3. Filters for Review Prices and Manage Listings pages: These settings are especially useful if you have 500+ listings in your account (we don’t recommend turning them on if you have fewer, as they won’t be as useful). When these toggles are on (green), a series of filter options are displayed at the top of the Review Prices/Manage Listings page, allowing you to only load listings you choose using filters on the PMS, Group, Listing, Sync status, and Availability.

  • To view all of your listings, simply click ‘Go’ without selecting any filter criteria.
  • To view a subset of listings, choose the right filters and click ‘Go’.
  • When this toggle is off (red), all of your listings are displayed as usual.

4. Performance Metrics – Vacancy Rate: Our default dashboard settings show you vacancy rates for the next 7, 30, and 60 days, but now you can choose from more options! Head over to Account >> Settings and you’ll find more options in the Advanced Settings menu. We will be adding a few new options to customize the dashboard next. Please reach out to for any questions!

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