PriceLabs Launches Spanish-Language Version of Its Dynamic Pricing and Revenue Management Software

(Chicago, IL – 28 February 2023) Today, PriceLabs is proud to announce the launch of the Spanish-language version of its industry-leading dynamic pricing and revenue management software for the hospitality industry. This localized version allows users in Spanish-speaking countries to more easily understand and utilize the product, leading to increased revenues for hosts, improved job performance for employees at property management companies, and a better user experience for all.

“We are thrilled to be able to offer this Spanish version of our software,” said Richie Khandelwal, Co-founder of PriceLabs. “This version provides customers in Spanish-speaking countries an easier way to navigate our product and understand how it works, leading to increased listings performance and improved user productivity.”

PriceLabs already has thousands of customers in Spanish-speaking countries

PriceLabs has already been offering Spanish-speaking customers excellent service, including onboarding, weekly training, product updates, and customer support in Spanish. The release of this localized version further demonstrates PriceLabs’ commitment to providing a great user experience across all its markets worldwide.

PriceLabs helps thousands of customers across Spanish-speaking nations increase revenue and save time, from individual Airbnb hosts to large property managers. Companies like Hostpal in Mexico, Iloftmalaga, Welcomer Group, in Spain; and Amazinn Places in Panama rely on PriceLabs’ dynamic pricing and revenue management services. 

Ashley Ureña, Head of Pricing and Channel Distribution at Hostpal, had this to say about PriceLab’s product: “Working with PriceLabs, we have been able to maximize our profitability for each of our listings by adjusting several key factors (prices, discounts, LOS, etc.). The PriceLabs team has continuously supported us in improving our tool knowledge and has been very open to designing the specific reports we requested. PriceLabs is a very powerful tool for business planning and strategy execution.”

“This launch marks an important milestone for us,” continued Khandelwal. “By creating this first localized version, we can provide users in Spanish-speaking countries with a more enjoyable experience while using our product. We look forward to continuing to develop localized versions, notably in French, Italian, and Portuguese, that make our software even more accessible to hospitality businesses of all sizes .”

2023 Spanish market trends according to PriceLabs

PriceLabs has worldwide market data and uses its data science team to provide property owners and managers with current market insights. Here’s how Barcelona and Madrid markets look in the upcoming months:

  • Barcelona is at its prime for beach and outdoor events from April to July, with a higher demand this year compared to last year. However, there is a slight slowdown in week 23 following the Spanish Grand Prix event (2-4 June 2023). Additionally, there seems to be a small increase in demand on October 24, possibly due to the Convention on Pharmaceutical Ingredients.
  • Madrid’s peak tourist seasons are during Spring (March to May) and Fall (September to November). Although demand was lower in January compared to 2022, overall tourism in Madrid is expected to increase throughout 2023.

How to get started with PriceLabs in Spanish

For further information on PriceLabs’s new Spanish-language version or other upcoming features, please visit You can get started with PriceLabs today by signing up for a free 30-day trial at

To register for a free training session in Spanish about PriceLabs’ dynamic pricing and revenue management solutions, visit and pick “Spanish”.

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