How O’Neal Vacation Rentals Increased their revenue by 60% with PriceLabs Dynamic Pricing

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Managing a vacation rental space is not easy. Every step requires a lot of work, from the back-end admin tasks to providing an excellent experience to the guests. One of the most efficient ways to make things simpler to manage is automating some of the functions that do not require human intervention so often.

Shane, from O’Neal Vacation Rental, talked to us about his struggles in manually managing different aspects of his vacation rental business and the growth he witnessed when he started automating the pricing of his properties.

O’Neal Vacation Rentals increased their revenue by 60% and decreased the time spent in pricing their properties by 90% by using PriceLabs. Keep reading to know more about how they find PriceLabs helpful in terms of the features that we offer and the revenue output.

About O’Neal Vacation Rentals

Shane started his property management business with his wife in 2015. It began as a real estate investment that later evolved