Jordan Locke – founder of revPARTY shares strategies for effective revenue management using PriceLabs.

We spoke with Jordan Locke, a pricing and revenue management expert in the vacation rental industry, to discuss how property managers can use PriceLabs for effective short term rental revenue management. Jordan is the founder of RevPARTY, a short-term rental consulting firm that focuses on revenue management and data analytics.

Hey Jordan, we appreciate you taking your time out to come chat with us. To kick things off, how did you get your start in revenue management? 

I didn’t go to school for hospitality and haven’t taken the normal route through traditional hotels. I majored in economics and had a slew of pricing experience: big-box retailers, Whole Foods and Amazon, commodities, you name it I priced it. I got word that The Guild Hotels were looking for a revenue manager to build their business intelligence function and I jumped at the opportunity to build a pricing strategy from scratch based on a strong data and analytical foundation.

Once I started, I didn’t stop. The new players, markets, legislation, technology, and tools keep the space interesting, and as the niche develops it’s only more and more fun to be a part of.

Speaking of fun to be a part of, we noticed you were a panelist at the Vacation Rental Data and Revenue Management Conference (DARM) by VRMIntel this year. How was it and what were your major takeaways? 

The conference was awesome this year. The organizers did a great job of setting up the tech to create a